VIRDI 225 指纹门禁 原装进口 技术成熟 国际认证 服务及时 稳定制胜

It is convenient to use as it does not require users to carry special tools for verification. It is a high-tech fingerprint recognition system that uses fingerprints that have no risk of replication or unauthorized use. 指纹验证
Uses embedded Color CCD Camera and offers clearer picture of visitors when connected to entry system or home server. 彩色摄像头
VIRDI Series is equipped with high-capacity 32bit CPU for faster and more accurate verification. 高性能处理器
Device operation and status is announced by automated voice system for first-time users to easily operate the device. 语音引导使用

When interlocked with common entry system, door phone, entry system, home sever or home automation system, it can operate complex access control functions. 多种外界插座

Front cover and product plate enhanced durability and various installation and user requirements can be adopted to alter design for ultimate satisfaction. 多种制定面板

VIRDI 225 指纹门禁


Items 项目
CPU 处理器 32 Bit RISC CPU
Template Capacity 指纹容量 40
Template Size 指纹特征大小 400 byte per template
Keypad & Button 键盘及按键 12 key numeric keypad plus additional buttons(Enter, Call)
Camera 摄像头 Color Camera 彩色摄像头
Communications 通讯 2 RS-232C, 1 RS-485
Door Phone Interface 对讲电话接口 Color video door phone interface
Lock Control 锁控制 2 ports control motor lock
or 1 Port control EM/Strike/Deadbolt Lock
Power Consumption 电源 Max DC 12V/450mA
Operation Environment 工作环境 -20 ~ 50℃ / Lower than 90% RH(Non-Condensing)
Sensor Type 传感器类型 Optical 光学
Resolution 分辨率 500 dpi
Verification (1:1) Time 指纹验证时间 < 0.5sec
Identification (1:N) Time 指纹匹配时间 < 1sec
FRR / FAR 0.1% / 0.0001%
Dimension(Flush Mount Type) 外形尺寸 130(W) X 162(H) X 81(D) mm
Material 材料 Body 主体 ABS plastic塑料
Cover Plate 面板 Stainless Steel 不锈钢
long plate 长面板 Stainless Steel 不锈钢
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