VIRDI 2400 指纹门禁 原装进口 技术成熟 国际认证 服务及时 稳定制胜

It is convenient to use as it does not require users to carry special tools for verification. It is a high-tech fingerprint recognition system that uses fingerprints that have no risk of replication or unauthorized use. 指纹验证
TCP/IP network method that allows endless expansion between terminals and servers or terminals and terminals. Easy to install and operate 以太网络 TCP/IP通讯 可以固态或静态IP。
In case of emergency, the registered duress fingerprint recognition signals a control center such as security company. 智能指纹采集
VIRDI Series is equipped with high-capacity 32bit CPU for faster and more accurate verification. 高性能处理器
With the minimum of 32MBye (approx. 30,000 users), it is convenient to use at large residential complexes. 32MB存储器存储3万个指纹
Interlocks with common entry devices on apartments and villas to build common entry control systems. Verification servers located at general 常规门禁控制
Complex verification method supporting both RF card and password for efficient access control.
When device is damaged or opened by forceful impact, the terminal senses that the door is kept open and alarms to maintain safety. 系统自检测功能 设备被破坏、被胁迫开门、门持续开 系统报警
Device operation and status is announced by automated voice system for first-time users to easily operate the device. 语音引导使用
Supports Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese, and Spanish and can be used in any part of the world. 支持多国语言
Using LCD with Back Light feature, it can be operated easily and accurately. 背光LCD


Items 项目 VIRDI 2400
CPU 处理器 32 Bit RISC CPU
Template Capacity 指纹容量 30,000
Template Size 指纹特征大小 400 bytes per template 每个指纹特征 400 字节
LCD Display 显示屏 128 × 64 graphic display LCD 图形显示LCD
Keypad & Button 键盘及按键 10 numeric keys 10个数字键
Communications 通讯 TCP/IP, 2 RS-232C, 1 Wiegand, 1 RS-485
Lock Control 锁控制 2 ports control motor lock 2个锁控制
or 1 port control EM/Strike/Deadbolt lock
Power Consumption 电源 Max DC 12V ~ 24V / 450mA
Operation Environment 工作环境 -20 ~ 50℃ / Lower than 90% RH (Non-condensing)
Sensor Type 采集器类型 Optical 光学
Sensing Area 感应面积 13 × 15 mm
Resolution 分辨率 500 dpi
Verification (1:1) Time < 0.5 sec
Identification (1:N) Time < 1 sec
FRR / FAR 0.1% / 0.0001%
Dimension(flush mount type) 112.6mm(W)x174.6mm(H)x62mm(D)

VIRDI 2400 嵌入式 指纹门禁

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