This invention is consisted of device and solution of self-authentication to distinguish real fingerprint from imitation fingerprint in accord to alteration of electric capacity from real fingerprint and imitation fingerprint through sensing this alteration from contactless type in window of fingerprint sensor.According to the example, the recognition part includes contactless electric capacity detector which is composed of an electric conductor terminal and is installed on external frame. And it also includes biometric fingerprint recognition terminal which makes it possible to figure out imitation fingerprint or real one by comparing print voltage of ADC terminal and standard voltage(Vref).

And ADC(Analog-to-Digital Converter) terminal which convert electric capacity change to direct current is also included in biometric fingerprint recognition terminal.
The above statement, if there is touching fingerprint sensor with alteration of electric capacity, it is real fingerprint. if not, it is imitation fingerprint.
It is working and controlling through matching DB data with own fingerprint that fingerprint sensor parts be taken image of fingerprint and take special point, try to compare own data and DB data.

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